Introducing RavenDex: The First Multi Protocol DeFi Platform on Cardano Powered By A Single Utility Token

3 min readSep 25, 2021


We will unveil a robust suite of Defi services for the Cardano ecosystem designed to offer a never seen before performance for the Cardano ecosystem.

Why Did We Choose The Cardano Ecosystem?

The Cardano blockchain has surged in popularity and value over the last four years since being founded in 2017 and with the launch of smart contracts following the Alonzo hard fork upgrade to Cardano’s mainnet which made it possible for projects to deploy Dapps on the Cardano blockchain and at the time of writing this, there are Currently, at least 140 up-and-coming projects which are in the process of being developed on the Cardano blockchain.

Despite surging demand and development, there are still two things missing from the Cardano ecosystem that startups and investors alike need:

1: A way for investors to seamlessly trade tokens on the cardano blockchain

2: A way to empower and support startups through decentralized financial applications that are being built on the platform.

What Is RavenDex?

Ravendex aims to solve the two main issues on the Cardano ecosystem by being the one-step DeFi hub on Cardano focusing primarily on two main features that will create value for projects building on the Cardano ecosystem.

The Two Main Applications That Will Be launched In The Fourth Quarter of the year will be:

1: RavenDex

Our on-chain decentralized exchange platform on the Cardano blockchain where users can swap their native Cardano assets to ADA.

When Launched, Ravendex will be fully equipped to support Cardano ADA users with wallets, price feed transactions and Asset Price Displays. Ravendex will offer both fast and secure transaction with low fees that would make DeFi more accessible.

Additionally, Ravendex will provide accurate DEX data by making trade volume transparent while also noting that there isn’t a KYC requirement to use our platform so that users are more protected with complete anonymity and financial privacy.

2: IDO Launchpad On The Cardano Ecosystem

The Ravendex Launchpad will allow seed and early-stage startups looking to build on the Cardano blockchain to raise capital and garner marketing support from the Cardano ecosystem by utilizing our IDO and Token sale contracts giving them access to present their Solid Ideas to the millions of Cardano ADA holders worldwide and if funded, young companies will have unparalleled acceleration in the right market.

The RavenDEX Launchpad offers support for full KYC, Token Sale, Governance Voting For Rave Holders, Tiered Offerings, and Permissionless Listings.

Our Launchpad accelerator assists all of the projects launching in the Cardano ecosystem.

We will be utilizing the EMURGO protocol which provides socially impactful solutions through tech development and Cardano blockchain developer education and they also double as the developer behind Yoroi Wallet — an official light wallet for Cardano ADA and our native Rave Token.

Who Are The Team Behind This?

We are a group of Developers with extensive years of experience working on the Ethereum & Binance Blockchains.

Our Core Founding Team is choosing to Stay Undoxxed until we release a working product to the market.


RavenDEX is on a mission to power and support decentralized financial applications being built by projects in the Cardano ecosystem, providing them a suite of robust service offerings including: a DEX, IDO Launchpad, A Borrowing & Lending Platform.

As we continue to build and keep to our roadmap, Ravendex will deliver an increasingly larger array of services to take the Cardano ecosystem to the next level.

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Raven is the first non-custodial Decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets.