$Rave Token Seed-Sale Is Live! + How To Participate

2 min readOct 20, 2021

Hello Ravers, following the massive success and adoption of our Private-Sale for early adopters which sold out earlier than anticipated.

We are pleased to officially announce the Start of our Seed-Sale today the 20th of October 2021.

The RavenDex Labs has achieved a lot of feat in the past days which includes implementing the Night and dark Mode feature on our swap interface.

The Dev Team also building the components for the swap interface which will initially will be able to Swap our token $RAVE to ADA and vice-versa

The Dev Team have also started researching on wallet connection APIs, and a way to deploy our static site using an API gateway.

Read More about our Development Here

You Can check out our video demo below.


The $Rave Token Seed-Sale will be going live in few minutes

(Read more about our $RAVE Token)

$RAVE Seed Sale Details

Allocation: 200 Million $RAVE

Price: 1 RAVE = 0.0027 ADA

Minimum Buy: 200 ADA

Maximum Buy: 10,000 ADA

Start Time: 20th October 2021

The Seed Sale Round Closes when the hard cap of 200 Million Rave is filled

How To Join In The Seed Sale

Visit sale.ravendex.io Then Click on Buy Rave Token.

How to participate in RavenDex’s Seed Sale?

Step By Step Guide On How To Purchase Rave Token

‌1: You need to purchase ADA from an exchange (Binance, Coinbase Or Kraken) and send them to your Cardano wallet like Yoroi, Daedalus or Adalite wallet

(Don’t Send Your ADA directly from an exchange to our presale address. Ensure to send from a wallet you own the private keys)

‌2: Visit the Token Sale Page and Click On Buy Rave Token.

‌3: You will now be taken to the Rave Token Sale page with the Address that you are required to send the ADA.

‌4: Once you have sent the ADA, click on Close and your #Rave Tokens will be airdropped to your address after the end of the seed round.

**Updated* Note that your purchased $RAVE tokens will be AirDropped to the wallet address that you used to send ADA in the Seed token sale at the end of the Seed Round*.

About Ravendex

Founded by a team of DeFi and traditional finance professionals, Ravendex is the first Decentralized Exchange, IDO, Staking & lending Platform taking full advantage of the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem.

To learn more about Ravendex visit our Website and be sure to follow us on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ravendexlabs

Telegram: http://t.me/ravendexlabs

Github: https://github.com/Ravendexlabs

Documentation: https://docs.ravendex.io/




Raven is the first non-custodial Decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets.