Ravendex Ambassador Program Launch

4 min readJan 28, 2022

Hello Ravers.

As our community keeps expanding and we are about to enter an interesting phase in our project Roadmap.

We will be kicking off a series of Public beta testing of some of the De-fi Tailored products we have been developing over the past few months.

Our community has gradually grown at an exponential rate as we now have over 3000 Members in our new telegram community after the previous one was flagged by fudders hellbent on tarnishing the project.

Since we announced our project late last year, our goals and mission appeared to be far and out of reach coupled with the fact that we were marooned by the likes of Cardanocube & Buildingoncardano after we already got listed on their platform, they went ahead to delist our project.

It was a trying time for the Ravendex team but with we have been able to keep progressing and developing with the support of our community who have been with us every step of the way to empower us to move past adversities and make an impact in the Cardano ecosystem.

As our community is growing, so does the task of handling, managing & on-boarding new members.

So to help manage and maintain our community, we are establishing our first-ever Ambassador Program to empower our community spread awareness about Ravendex and educate a wider audience about the potential of the Cardano Ecosystem.

We have earmarked a percentage of $Rave Total supply to incentivise our Ambassadors.

The Ambassador Program will seek to accomplish several tasks:

  • Incentivise community members to create informative content about Ravendex📑
  • Strengthen activity on our social media channels with active moderators who are also a part of the community🐦
  • Encourage the creation of community channels to lead organic community growth 📈

There Will Be 3 Categories Of Ravendex Ambassadors

Content Creators

The Moderators

Social Media Community Channel Leaders.

Each one of these categories is essential in continuing to establish Ravendex’s brand and presence in the Cardano community.

Content Creators

Content Creators are one of the most crucial pillars of this program since they have the ability to draw in new members to our community.

Community members who can create content, such as blogs, articles, graphic designs, podcasts, videos, or tutorials, should apply to be a content creator.

To become a Ravendex Ambassador Content Creator, you must submit 2–3 contents you have published on any social media in the past as a way to evaluate the quality of your previous content.

In addition, Content Creators are able to participate in discussions with team members regarding the project’s direction, via a dedicated Ambassador channel and group calls.

Once your application is approved to be a Contributor or Ambassador Content Creator, you’ll send topics/type of content that you want to create about Ravendex.

Depending on the quality of your work and your position, you can receive rewards Monthly, paid in $RAVE Utility Tokens or ADA, as the case may be.

Please note that we will be limiting the number of Ambassador Content Creators to 10.

Moderators 👮🏽‍♀️

Moderators will play another important in making Ravendex’s social channels a welcoming environment for new community members.

While content creators are tasked with creating content to draw in new members,

Moderators will play a crucial role in providing up-to-date resources to new members.

Moderators receive rewards in $RAVE for moderating our social channels.

Community Channel Leaders 🧑🏻‍💼

Community channels are important for discussions that are less inclined to our PROJECT than in our own official channels.

Whether these channels are used to discuss ways to bring awareness to the Cardano community or discuss Ravendex in another language, We are determined to help foster organic community growth.

There will be two aspects of a community channel that we’ll support:

The Community Leaders and community events manager.

Community Leaders act similar to Moderators in our official channel in that they are necessary for creating a welcoming environment for community members to join into.

When applying to be a Community Leader, you must give a brief description of the community channel you want to create and explain how the channel would be beneficial to our community.

Community Leaders can create rules more or less strict than in our official channels.

However, Community Leaders must ensure that there is no misinformation being spread and uphold Ravendex’s brand and Code of Conduct.

Ravendex will from time to time hold community events that are crucial in bringing members together to help spread RAVENDEX’s brand.

To encourage similar community events, we plan on funding community-led events that seek to promote Ravendex’s awareness.

At the time of the launch of the Ambassador Program, we will be limiting the number of community channels to 5.

Ravendex Ambassador Privileges

As community members who promote the best of Ravendex, you get privileges such as:

  • $RAVE Token grants for contributions
  • Free $RAVE NFT Perks
  • Exclusive Ambassador role on our Telegram Channel
  • Gain behind-the-scene access to the project’s roadmap
  • More involvement in the project’s decision-making process by providing direct feedback to core team members

By working together with our community through collaborative endeavours, we can show the Cardano community the potential of our Ravendex platform and usher in a new era of limitless scalability, security, and decentralisation.

Interested Members Should Fill This Form.

Have a Nice Weekend Everyone

About Ravendex

Find out more information about Ravendex below.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ravendexlabs

Telegram: https://t.me/RaversNest

Announcements: https://t.me/ravendexofficial

Github: https://github.com/Ravendexlabs

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