Ravendex Community FAQ

2 min readJul 7, 2022

Hello Ravers!

We will start off by apologizing for our inactivity over the past few weeks and also the Missed AMA, we have been behind the scenes building on stealth, trying to have a working DEX before the Vasil Hard Fork, we are restructuring to make Dev, Mods and Community relationship seamless.

We announce with so much excitement that Ravendex’s Milkomeda Testnet will happen in a few weeks' time (Early August).

The testnet would be available to $RAVE token holders who have had an active stake since May up until August 1st Snapshot.

We are also happy to announce that the first batch of staking rewards will become available for claiming during the testnet phase.

We will also use this medium to address some concerns from the community in regards the future of Ravendex and the Roadmap.

We will now take the questions asked from the community members over the past few weeks.

-nft staking platform release! : It’s coming soon, we are still working on the features

-dex status? : I guess we have answered that above

-milkomeda status? : Coming next month

-vault bug fix & status: The Vault bugs are being worked on as we speak

  • SHO status: It’s up to the community to decide

How many devs are currently working on the DEX? : There are currently three developers working on the DEX

What percentage of completion is the DEX? : I would say 95% completed

When do they expect the DEX to be on the test net?: Early Next Month

What is the actual reason for the team to be anonymous? Is it because the team members have day jobs.. and Ravendex is more like a sidegig? : More like it.

Which subcontractor are working on the Dex?: An outsourced development contractor is working on the smart contract and scripting side

Can we get a detailed timeline for what’s cooking right now? : Yes, we have lot’s of releases slated for next month

Vault bugs, NFT Stacking and when will the Dex be available for testing? : Next Month too.

We will be making subsequent announcements as we draw close to testnet release and also share our updated roadmap.

About RavenDex

RavenDEX is on a mission to power decentralized financial applications being built on Cardano ecosystem, providing them a suite of robust decentralized offerings including: a DEX, IDO Launchpad, A Borrowing & Lending Platform.

As we continue to build and keep to our roadmap, Ravendex will deliver an increasingly larger array of services to take the Cardano ecosystem to the next level.

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Raven is the first non-custodial Decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets.