Ravendex Flexible Staking Vault Is Live!

3 min readApr 26, 2022

After much wait and delay, we are proud to announce to the Ravendex community that the Ravendex Vault Is Live Now.

The Ravendex Vault allows you to stake your $RAVE and earn rewards.

The Current APY Rate For Staking In The Vault Is 12%

That means you earn 1% Of Your Rave Holdings Every Month As Long As You Are Staking.

Snapshots will be taken every month, and you’ll be able to track your staking history and the respective rewards.

The first snapshot will take place on May 1st, and will mark the start of the staking process.

All you need to do right now is to access the Ravendex Vault and connect your wallet containing the $RAVE you want to stake.

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After that, just press the Stake button and you’ll be eligible to start staking for the next snapshot.

All your $RAVE will still remain in your wallet. For you to be eligible to receive rewards, you cannot have less $RAVE in your wallet than the amount you staked at the time of the last snapshot. If you do, you’ll lose your rewards for the current staking period.

After the staking period ends, you’ll be able to claim your rewards. The first date after which you’ll be able to claim rewards will be June 1st.

Important Information

When the next threshold is reached, a snapshot of the balance will be taken.

When the threshold is reached, you will need to hold the minimum balance of your staked amount for at least 30 days from when the snapshot was taken in order to receive your rewards.

If at any point during these 30 days your stake is below the amount that you had when the threshold was reached, you will not receive the rewards for that but you can still continue staking for the next thresholds.

You can increase your stake by adding RAVE at any time. You will need to maintain that minimum balance for 30 days after the threshold has been reached in order to receive your rewards.

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