Ravendex Partners With World Mobile Token To Reserve an Earth Node

is pleased to announce that it has officially reserved an Earth Node with and we are happy to be a part of this project which will see .

World Mobile which is set to launch affordable mobile internet services in June 2022 using blimps. It’s a novel end-to-end model with blockchain, digital ids, tokens & community nodes.

It is mind blowing that over 80% of humans have a smart phone while 50% has no reliable internet connectivity.

Being a part of this great project which is supported by IOHK and built on Cardano Network will be one of the ways Ravendexlabs will be helping to grow and secure the Cardano Network.

In connecting the unconnected, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t work with the other big names connecting the unconnected in Cardano.

We have reserved an earth node with WMT and will be passing a portion of the rewards onto our delegators who will be staking to our stake pool.

What Is Ravendex?

Ravendex is the first non-custodial decentralised exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that facilitates quick asset transfers and liquidity between native Cardano tokens and ADA.

Projects on the Cardano Ecosystem can give liquidity to set a price which will facilitate trading of the project’s asset in a fair decentralised manner using the AMM protocol.

Cardano Blockchain cross-chain exchange uses the EUTXO model, known for its unique features, such as the ability to share liquidity across different assets in the Cardano Ecosystem.

It’s also one of the very first projects developed on The Cardano Ecosystem to utilize the recently released Alonzo Hard Fork update allowing smart contracts to deposit assets and collect interest according to predefined rules.

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Raven is the first non-custodial Decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets.