Ravendex Technical Progress Update #8, Wednesday, February 23rd 2022

2 min readFeb 23, 2022

Hello Community,

As we edge closer to our DEX test net launch, here are a few development progress over the past two weeks:

Following on from the previous update, we are currently adding finishing touches and UI improvements to our Staking Vault.

  • Users can now add and delete addresses to their vault
  • View Rave Global Stake Value
  • Top Up Your Rave Balance

The team is currently adding more features and improvements to the staking platform which will include:

The ability to add and stake Rave NFTs to earn compounding rewards in Rave.

In terms of the DEX development, we made good progress on the wallet connect module and swap interface, adjusting all the parameters to ensure that there are no issues.

The team will make further progress updates and we are still slated to launch before the End of Q2 2022 as we will be deploying a fast, secure, and interoperable decentralized application on the Cardano Blockchain.




Raven is the first non-custodial Decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets.