RavenDEX Weekly Technical Progress Update #4, Saturday November 6

It’s been a tremulous week for the Ravendex team and our community as we were hit by a denial of service (DDOS) attack which took parts of our website offline for couple of hours, but with the dedication of our Dev team, we were able to restore services back to normal.

The team has made it a top prioroty to focus on setting up build pipelines for deploying our static sites via API gateway which will buy us a smaller attack surface area, DDOS protection, and more.

In this Week’s technical update, the front end team worked on cleaning up the User interface and Experience of our swap frontend as the previous prototype had minor UI flaws that will affect the proper visualization of Tokens.

The frontend team also started prototyping out code that will build the appropriate NFT Minting & Listing.

The backend team is currently working on our staking platform where $Rave holders can Stake Their Tokens to earn more rewards in $RAVE.

We are also working on some interesting features that will be novel on the cardano ecosystem and once completed, the team will start integrating against the plutus application backend.

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Raven is the first non-custodial Decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets.