RavenDEX Weekly Technical Progress Update #6, Sunday January 16th 2022

Hi Community, This is our first technical update for the year 2022.

The Ravendex team has made tremendous progress in solidifying the after a tremulous 2021.

Right now on and .

We are working on listing on more exchanges in due time.

Before we proceed with our DEX development update, we have quick updates to announce to the community.

Our ISPO is coming up shortly and to ensure a smooth and hitch free Initial Stake Pool Offering, the team has decided to retire the RAVEP pool that was initially set up and we are working on creating a new secure and resilient Stake Pool.

Also, our $RAVE NFT Minting will be one of the very First Non-Fungible Tokens with real utility on the Cardano ecosystem.

Holders of $RAVE NFT will be able to earn exclusive rewards In $RAVE, ADA or Both.

We will also be introducing a secondary NFT Marketplace for the NFts where users can choose to list and sell their NFT collections.

Ravendex Swap Development Update.

The Ravendex team was able to deploy testnet nodes and have commenced conceptualising & compiling the smart contract itself.

We are Taking a different approach as opposed to the Likes of which makes use of the OrderBook Model and also that will be using the Scooper Model.

We will be utilising to derive the infrastructure of our swap protocol.

Our Swap UI is also Undergoing some major overhaul which can be previewd below.

Swap Homepage
Swap Interface
LP Interface

It will be a very Exciting Q1 2022

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Raven is the first non-custodial Decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets.