Ravendex Weekly Technical Update + First look At our Staking Platform

3 min readNov 15, 2021


Hello Ravers?

On This week’s technical update, we are taking the next step to bring our community a seamless process for reaping lucrative passive income in $RAVE via our staking platform, in line with our mission to give our users open access to $RAVE staking rewards.

We are super excited to announce to the community that we would be launching our much-awaited staking platform where $RAVE holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards in $RAVE using a hassle-free web app for deriving rewards in $RAVE.

Here Are Some Demo Pictures Of Our Staking Platform

Sign Up Page

To use our Staking Platform, You will need to provide a valid email address and choose a password.

Login Page

Every time you Log in, you will receive a confirmation email with a new Two-Factor authentication code in your registered account.

Password Reset page, in case you lose your password.

2FA On Withdrawal


On this page, you can view your funds balance, your addresses, and make deposits/withdrawals, as well as see all your previous transactions.


On the Staking Page, users will be able to utilize our platform’s staking functionalities.

The platform will be open for public testing in a few days, be sure to follow our community on Telegram.

Our new and refreshed website design will be made live in a few hours.

At Ravendex, We are always brainstorming and developing new ways to make our Platform sustainable while at the same time making it more lucrative for our early adopters.

As such, we also plan to be launching A Non-Fungible Token staking protocol where Ravers get the opportunity to earn rewards for staking their rare digital collectibles.

Don’t forget that our Ravendex 5000 ADA Community Giveaway Is Live!

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